Monday, November 28, 2016

Master Lists for Writers by Bryn Donavan

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Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Munds Park Publishing
Pages: 269
My rating: 3.5 stars
Ages: 18+

Do you ever find yourself lacking the right word, or not knowing how to perfectly describe how one of your characters is feeling without telling it? Master Lists for Writers contains over 50 lists of descriptions, words, plots, names, and more.

I came across Donovan's website while searching for writing resources on Pinterest. I found her lists interesting and helpful, so I bought her book.

Just reading through this book helped me realize things about me as a writer, especially when it comes to my weaknesses and how to make them better. This isn't just a book of lists, but includes explanations of why certain things are important and how using things on the list effectively can make your writing better.

I put the age so high because there is a section geared toward romance writers, which discusses different aspects of sex.

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