What kinds of books do you review?

Right now, I'm just reviewing whatever I read! It could be fantasy, classical, literary, young adult, adult, romance, Christian, biographical, historical, etc.

How do you rate the books?

I use two different types of rating systems. The first is "my rating" which is based on a five star system. 1 star would be "I could barely finish this book", 3 stars would be "it was good fun, but I have some criticisms", and 5 stars would be "this is the best book I've ever read, there is absolutely nothing more I can say about it but I'll try anyway!"

The second rating system is based on ages of readers. This is to give my readers a good idea on who the book is most appropriate for, from the minimum age. Keep in mind, both of these are completely subjective and completely my own opinion.

Will you review my book?

Sure! Send me a copy of your book and I will gladly read it and write a review. Just keep in mind that I write honest reviews, so you may not always like what I have to say. Also, I usually have a backlog of reviews, so it could be a month or more until your review is posted. Once I have finished reading your book and have written the review, I'll send you a message letting you know when you can expect to see it.

What do you include in your reviews?

Each review starts with a short summary of the book, without giving away spoilers. Then I'll talk about my impressions of the book, including plot, characters, writing, pace, and even the editing. I also include a sentence at the end of my review that talks about the amount of swearing and sex in the book. This isn't meant as a criticism, but as a helpful guide for anyone who wants to avoid those kinds of things in what they read.

Why do you sometimes post two reviews in a week?

Along with reviewing the books I would read anyway and the books that are sent to me, I also review for Blogging for Books. Penguin Random House sends me a free copy of a book of my choice in exchange for a review. There are certain restrictions with this, including that I have to have the review up within a certain amount of time. Because I can have up to 2 months of reviews backlogged, I post the reviews I do for Blogging for Books the day I write them, resulting in a surprise second review!

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